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Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life is a digital media showcase featuring projects by Media & Performance Production (MAPP) 400 students. MAPP is a program co-coordinated by the Department of Film & Media and the DAN School of Drama & Music at Queen's University in Kingston, Canada. The Media and Performance Production Major Project (MAPP 400 / Fall 2023 & Winter 2024) is a practice-based capstone course supervised by Dr. Sojung Bahng, allowing students to explore and produce various digital media projects that intersect audiovisual productions and live arts through interactive, augmented, and immersive media. In this showcase, students honor the legacies of their cherished family members and connections, celebrate cultural traditions, and explore community engagement dynamics. They also navigate personal struggles with mental health, striving to reconcile their authentic selves with societal expectations.

SHOWCASE TITLE: Celebration of Life 

LOCATION: (Black Box) Studio Theatre 104, Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

DATES: March 23, Saturday

SHOWCASE HOURS: 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm


ARTISTS: Baiqing Audrey Chen, Julia Dasilva-Lee, Taylor Dunfield, Olivia Farquhar, Sophia Galbraith, Juan Huerta Galicia, Rita Jiang, Jiyuan Liu, Murphy Liu Mengxi, Katarina Lopez, Griffen Penney, Michaela Van Der Hoeven, Sadie Williams, Qingsong Xu





SUPPORTED by Department of Film & Media and DAN School of Drama & MusicQueen's University


You’re Invited, 2024, Mixed Media Installation & Interactive Performance

 Katarina Lopez, Julia Dasilva-Lee, Sophia Galbraith, Olivia Farquhar

You're Invited is a mixed-media installation and interactive performance that invites viewers to explore the diverse layers and dimensions of the university party experience, encompassing joy, connection, loneliness, and madness.

MASQUERADE, 2024, Digital Performance

Rita Jiang, Michaela Van Der Hoeven

Masquerade is a digital performance art piece exploring the pressure to conform and the quest for acceptance by presenting different versions of ourselves to fit in. It reflects on societal expectations, emphasizing the importance of embracing one's true self.

COME AND GO, 2024, Music Performance

Sadie Williams

Come and Go is a music performance that celebrates the beauty and transience of human connections. Through music and visuals, it explores the ebb and flow of relationships with family, friends, self, nature, and spirituality, highlighting the profound beauty found in these fleeting moments

Beyond Labels, 2024, Digital Performance

Qingsong Xu

Beyond Labels is a digital performance that challenges the notion of categorizing personalities within specific frameworks, such as the MBTI personality tests. This solo show explores our innate desire to break free from this social labelling and connect with our deeper selves.

Taylor’s Eras House, 2024, Mixed Media Installation

Circular Seasons, 2024, Augmented Reality (AR)

Baiqing Audrey Chen

Taylor's Eras House is an intimate exhibition that delves into Taylor Swift's musical journey and cultural impact. It features installations that bring Swift's albums to life through animations and thematic elements, providing insights into her influence on culture and music.

Dive into the heart of each season with Circular Seasons (Vinyl), an unparalleled sensory expedition, a unique auditory and visual journey where each vinyl embodies the soul of a season. This collection weaves the whispers of nature into a captivating cycle, where every note, petal and leaf reveals nature's timeless dance.

Day of the Dead, 2024, Media Installation & Augmented Reality (AR)

Juan Huerta Galicia

Day of the Dead is a multimedia and augmented reality (AR) installation that offers a poetic representation of Mexican tradition and culture. It serves as a commemoration of deceased loved ones, blending reverence for the past with a celebration of life.

LEGACY BADER LANE, 2024, Media Installation & Documentary

Griffen Penney

Legacy Bader Lane is a documentary focused on the inception and functioning of a campus club, emphasizing its significance within the community. The production includes behind-the-scenes footage to highlight the club's connection to individual films and features interviews with club members to provide insight into their experiences.

How it works inside, 2024, Mixed Media Installation

New Isabel, 2024, 3D Interactive Installation

 Murphy Liu Mengxi

How it works inside is a multimedia installation that portrays the emotional highs of hypomania and the lows of depression, illustrating the concept of bipolar disorder. The installation takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster, utilizing 2D & 3D structures as projection screens to visualize the inner emotions associated with the disorder.

New Isabel is an interactive art installation created by the artist Mengxi, offering a virtual exploration of the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. This work allows viewers to immerse themselves in Mengxi's imaginary world within the Isabel.

Gamble, 2024, Media Installation & Augmented Reality (AR)

Jiyuan Liu

Gamble is a media installation that utilizes AR technology to explore profound philosophical themes inspired by Buddhism, such as the meaning of life and death. The installation creatively incorporates elements of gambling and tarot cards to provide viewers with an interactive and playful experience.

Whispers of a Willow, 2024, Mixed Media Installation

Taylor Dunfield

Whispers of a Willow is an installation featuring a handmade willow tree that plays conversations and stories through old, repurposed wired phones. The installation highlights the value of spending time with loved ones while we can.


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